2. Set up of the yacht construction

> Naval designers bid

You have certainly in mind some naval designers for your yacht, however our project management knowledge of this environment will bring you certainly other ideas and we will discuss which naval design office can be the most accurate for your yacht project.
A bid and meeting with designers will allow us to respond the best to your requirements and specifications list.

> Creation of your Yacht Equipment List

SPRAY Yachting Management will create a Yacht Specification List for the construction of the yacht in order to proceed to the following step.

> Naval builder and main suppliers bid – Negociation

It is a long and difficult stage. It starts with a naval yard selection to which SPRAY YM will send your yacht’s Specification List. Then, we establish an offers comparison spreadsheet, often complicated to deal with, as yards send different responses and don’t have the same way to think your project and manage it in the future. We will propose a comparison between all the offers.
Then, we question the yards into details to make sure we understand well their bid, their way of imagining the project, and meet them in order to evaluate a possible future and efficient collaboration. We do the same for the main yachting suppliers bid (mast, keel…). This phasis allows us to choose together the most appropriate yard and the main suppliers.

> Legal project management

We work with a legal office of high experience of this kind of yachting projects and who perfectly knows how to negotiate with yards and suppliers, in proposing realistic and acceptable clause for both parties.
This legal office will work with us all along the project.

> Financial and administrative project management

This part of the management is essential, becomes more and more complicate all along the yacht construction. We set up an internal process to manage it as best as possible with different skills.
Your yacht project manager is also the administrative manager, and follows this aspect on a meticulous way thanks to specific tools in order not to forget any information, and double check the costs engendered.
He can be helped by a legal office.